AD Vets To Create Universal ID and Loyalty Reward Program To Woo Consumers

BritePool has aspirations to rival Google and Facebook

A cohort of ad industry veterans and tech platforms are launching BritePool, an identity solution for digital advertising that aims to provide consumers with some level of control over who uses their data. Along the way, it hopes to offer agencies and brands an alternative to the so-called duopoly of Google and Facebook.

Publishers such as CBS, Publishers Clearing House, as well as IBM, are already on board for BritePool, which will offer people who allow brands to use their data the ability to earn rewards such as free Uber rides, for example.

The move comes at a time when an increasing number of companies are attempting to create a standardized universal ID, one that preempts looming regulation while also providing marketers with a user base large enough to rival walled gardens.

Companies such as Google and Facebook hold significant leverage over marketers because both have massive amounts of logged-in users that enable marketers to target consumers with ads. Outside the duopoly, however, advertisers are often forced to use cookie-based solutions, which are becoming increasingly irrelevant given the fragmented landscape. Browsers such as Apple’s Safari are blocking them altogether.

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