BritePool Identified By Business Insider for Helping Marketers Survive in the Era of Privacy Regulations


In an article promoted as a “MUST READ,” Bussiness Insider Prime (a paid subscription service) identified BritePool as one of “10 tech companies are trying to help marketers survive,” as “Sweeping regulations like California’s upcoming privacy bill threaten to wipe out the advertising industry.” Other companies featured in the article included Acxiom, Epsilon, and LiveRamp.



“Led by former 24/7 Real Media CEO David J. Moore and former Pizza Hut CMO Bob Perkins, BritePool wants to help publishers transition from relying on third-party data to first-party data for advertising.”

“We believe the ad-tech system is fundamentally broken,” Moore said. “Our objective is to level the playing field for ad-supported websites to effectively compete for ad revenues with social media and e-commerce sites.”



“BritePool said publishers would increasingly collect consumer consent for advertising purposes as regulation gains importance… [It] plans to launch free software to help publishers collect IDs based on readers’ browsing habits that advertisers can use as an alternative to Facebook’s and Google’s first-party data. BritePool plans to make money by selling advertisers its aggregate ID audiences.”