BritePool SignOn for Publishers

BritePool SignOn is a tool designed to solve three perplexing problems for publishers of all sizes.

  • First, it provides publishers with the tools and incentives to generate consumer sign-in, so publishers can develop a real one-to-one link with their user base.
  • Second, it leads to additional advertising revenues, as advertisers seek to efficiently target identities, through the BritePool ID, which is based on a unique technology that is far more accurate than cookies.
  • Third, it provides a tool to mitigate the number of people that select “Do Not Sell My Personal Information,” as required by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA),
    • Preventing the substantial loss of advertising revenues leading to an immediate, significant, positive impact on the bottom-line. 


By providing publishers with accurate, verified identities of visitors, BritePool enables publishers to offer higher quality, more efficient, targeted advertising to website visitors.


BritePool’s identity solution benefits publishers by:

  • Building and securing an audience for targeted advertising, powered at scale by BritePool’s base of one-to-one verified identities. 
  • Growing the value of their audience-based advertising inventory.
  • Providing a unique service that complies with emerging consumer privacy regulations without losing the ability to target high-value audience members.