BritePool Verified for Advertisers

Identity management and resolution is the key to the future of the advertiser-supported Web

The simple reality:

  • Facebook and Google capture the overwhelming percentage of
    programmatic digital advertising dollars (and 60% of all U.S. digital ad spending), with total revenues continuing to grow at the expense of other media outlets.
  • To reclaim ad spending, for the benefit of marketers, websites must redefine how they deliver value.
  • It means doing something new, and that is BritePool. 
  • BritePool has the identities, and the unique technology, necessary for advertisers to successfully, and efficiently, reach their target audiences through ad-supported websites.


The Myth of Facebook and Google:

  • There is a single element that is central to the ad value of social networks and e-commerce sites, as compared to traditional, ad-supported websites.
  • Facebook and Google can identify their users with near-perfect accuracy (through required sign-in) and match these identities with appropriate data.
  • In contrast, ad-supported websites rely on inefficient cookies and probabilistic estimates to guess the identities of visitors.
  • The net result: To date, Facebook, Google, and advertising have delivered more efficient, cost-effective advertising.
  • Facebook and Google have captured an outsized share of all ad revenues through accurate identity targeting, and not because of declining consumer interest in other media.


BritePool is an identity solution, based on a unique technology, designed to help marketers thrive in the new, emerging ecosystem. 


Our identity solution provides new benefits for marketers:

  • Media Efficiencies: The BritePool ID provides marketers precise ad frequency control, allowing marketers to maximize reach while minimizing excess delivery to targeted audiences.
  • Improved Ad Performance: The BritePool ID delivers the same degree of targeting and performance marketers receive working with the Walled Gardens.
  • Consumer Engagement: BritePool presents new ways for marketers to engage with audiences, respecting consumer privacy and regulatory statutes.